Account for Voluntary Groups

Hi, any chance of having a Monzo account aimed at voluntary groups?


As treasurer for a local community running club, I would love to see this account available for something like our club. We always receive payments from members and rely on them logging into their account to do a transfer. If I could send a link, this would work so much easier. Please bring this in place soon!!


Hi @barryb & @Vhalse :wave:

We don’t have accounts for voluntary groups at the moment, but it’s on our radar for some point in the future :blush:


This would be fantastic - I run a Girlguiding unit and having Monzo’s transparency to track incoming payments, and the “authorise in app” feature to allow dual authorisation of outgoing payments would be an absolute game changer for us managing our finances. And there’s thousands of us!


@jackcully anyway we can see the priority of these, or some kind of time frame for this feature.

I have a similar issue currently use barclays but managing the joint account is a nightmare simple things like no one get a notification telling them a payment need verification.

Adding and removing people is complicated so I am eagerly awaiting this as a feature.

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Hey there! Unfortunately we don’t have a good timeframe on this. It’s on our radar, but we’re working on opening up business accounts for LTDs and sole traders first; then we’ll move on to other business types! I’d say check back in the second half of the year, hopefully we have more of an idea by then!


Thanks Jordan, Any place to up vote this feature? (Although it sounds like you have it in hand.) With the current pandemic showing just how important community hubs are, please consider priorities this as much possible :wink: :pray:

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