Committed Spending and Paypal Credit

I’ve run into a problem with how summary handles committed spending.

I have £100 come out of my account every month to pay off my paypal credit account. This appeared fine under committed spending when I marked it as a repeating payment.

The problem I had is that is that it’s picking up any other payment going through Paypal as the £100 monthly payment. In this case it was £6 coming out two weeks before the £100 is due.

Summary now thinks I’ve got £100 more to spend than I do.

It would be great if the method of matching up reoccuring payments looked at the date its due to come out each month or the amount.

I’ve encountered the same problem but mine is also hooked up to my bills pot. So what happens for me is that I have a payment come from PayPal for PayPal credit every month, this is fine, it grabs the money from my bills pot prior to paying it. But if I make another purchase through PayPal using their pre approved payment method (e.g. paying for fuel through Esso app) then this is also flagged as the commited spending to be taken from the bills pot, and it it. This isn’t great as it means I need to top the bills pot up again to be able to pay my bills, also the fuel payment doesn’t show itself in the monthly spending report because it’s now classed as committed spending.

I don’t know what the answer for this is. Maybe a limit on commited spending for a single transaction? Smart learning about if it’s the correct transaction (is it the correct date, is it the correct amount)? Or a manual way to stop a transaction being taken from a bills pot and being classed as a committed spending before it is?

As it is a direct debit nothing can be done, the company requests the amount Monzo knows 2/3 days before it’s taken, PayPal would have to allow you to setup 2 or more different Direct Debits or you create 2 or me separate PayPal accounts.