(Coin) Jar Jar Binks

(Richard Cook) #1

EDIT: I’ve moved this to its own thread to keep the other thread clean. I also still think it’s a good joke that deserves its own topic.

Jar Jar Binks Jar

I’m not sure what it would actually do. I just like the name.

Coin Jar style Personal Finance Management Strategies and Ideas

It will FORCE you to save?

(Colin Robinson) #3

Jar Jar Banks surely?

(Jamie Penman-Smithson) #4

Scream at you incessantly if you don’t meet your weekly savings target?

Also off topic but why do I have a cake next to my name? :open_mouth:

(Jack Donovan) #5

I assume it’s your birthday?

Edit: it’s your forum birthday! You joined today last year :slight_smile:

(Jamie Penman-Smithson) #6

Ahh thanks, mystery solved :slightly_smiling_face:

(Richard Cook) #7

Happy birthday @jamieps!

(Richard Cook) #8

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