Cloudflare DNS vs Google DNS?

Debating which one is quicker, I haven’t really noticed a difference. Which one do you prefer? Cloudflare: or google?

My WIFI is really slow so finding anything to speed it up would help quite a lot.

Do you mean on the router or your phone?

I mean as the DNS servers on your computer.

I use Cloudflare coz Google*

*Uses Chrome as browser :upside_down_face:


I’ve heard cloudflare is faster. It’s what we use for our guest WiFi traffic on our corporate network.

I’ve used both, currently back to Google. No real experience of speed difference between them.

If you have slow WiFi, are you using 2.5GHz or 5GHz access point(s)?
If ‘WiFi’ is slow, it is usually your router, or configuration of it, and maybe it’s positioning within your environment.
If ‘Internet’ is slow, then that’ll be a question to ask your ISP - what speedtest results do you get (

We run off a copper cable from the WiFi box half a mile away. Pretty annoying.

Your WiFi access point is half a mile away? Good grief…


Yep me about it :slightly_smiling_face:

This is a good tool to actually find out what ones best based on your location and what websites you browse to.

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Awesome, thank you!

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I use cloudflare across my home network.

I use Cloudflare because Google has enough of my data, they don’t need to track every single website I visit too.


Same reason I use here.

I use it because it is a little bit faster (requests are served in London and Manchester whereas Google respond in Belgium), privacy and DNS updates instantly for my sites because I use Cloudflare for them

This is what I use. I found Cloudflare a bit quicker than Google, but there’s not much in it.


I switched to Cloudflare when they launched but to be honest I haven’t really noticed much of a speed boost over Google.

I mean DNS services are in the milliseconds these days so I’d doubt you’d feel a difference unless you are using a really bad ISP one that essentially timeouts few times until it finally brings a response…

Used to use the google one, moved to Couldflare for privacy reasons too…

No love for ? (TBH; I used to use OpenDNS, but IIRC, our routers are now setup for one cloudflare+one Google)

Used them back in the days pre Google… I am shocked to hear they are now Cisco :stuck_out_tongue: