Closing savings pot, do I lose current month's interest?

I was just about to delete a paragon savings pot as I understand the interesting rate is reducing. There’s about £30 of current month’s interest that doesn’t seem to show up on the amount that will be transferred, when I click ‘delete pot’. Will I lose this current month’s interest when I delete the pot? If so, I guess I need to wait until the interest is actually paid into the pot?

You won’t lose it, it’ll be paid into your account on 1st of the month (June) as normal :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks. Are you definitely sure? It doesn’t mention this. It just comes through on the 1st as ‘interest from deleted pot’?

I’m sure in as much as I have done this before, and still got my interest on the 1st. Think it just showed up as an interest payment from the pot name as normal - no mention of the fact it had been deleted.

I’ve just looked back on my transactions, it was a while ago so don’t know if there’s been any changes, but I closed the pot on 2nd Oct (2019) and got paid the interest accrued for the 2 days of October on the 1st November.

From my Paragon pot savings agreement.


Thank you very much

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