Switching a savings pot

So the interest in my saving pots have dropped to 0.50% but I’ve noticed if I opened a new pot the interest rates are showing 0.80%. Is there a way I could switch my pots to the new amounts? The posts I have now are not fixed ones

You would have to delete your existing pots, wait for the money to appear in your main account the next working day, then set up the new pots.

But to be frank, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the 0.8% pots drop to something like 0.5% at some point soonish anyway.

Out of interest,

Is the 0.8% account easy access or fixed term?

Who is the provider?

Paragon easy access

Odd that 0.5% Paragon being offered to some and 0.8% Paragon being offered to others.

Exactly I already have x3 pots that say 0.5%, but if u go to open a new pot it says 0.8%…

I don’t have a Paragon account and the Paragon option for me is 0.5%

What rate were you on before existing pots dropped to 0.5%?



My paragon are still 0.8%. Dropping to 0.5% on 1st July. They were 1.1?% a month or so ago