(Louis bamber) #41

When I was younger my mum used to work for a loan company and it use to go of the address back then an when people didn’t pay they blacklisted the address not the persons name so maybe that’s why we have credit scores? Based on individual rather than address but I don’t know how they actually work it’s annoying like other users have said it can be different across different credit agencies im 674 with clear score but 850 with Experian? It doesn’t make sense

(Richard) #42

I think moving also statistically increases your chance of being a victim of fraud and so lowers your score to reflect that risk. Debts are often secured to an address so at least by seeing your report you can check active debt linked to your name and address are all correct and alert CIFAS if not

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #43

Credit reference agencies absolutely don’t attach other people’s history at one location to your file if you’re at the same address, either living with those people or there after them. The only way others’ credit history has any bearing on your file is if you’re financially linked, though a joint account or mortgage.

An address having a ‘bad credit reputation’ is a myth.

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My Barclaycard comes with a free credit score from someone. Actually looked at it the other day.
Had historical data too


No explanation for the random mini drop.

All these are good for is checking there’s no incorrect info against you.

(Sacha) #45

I’m on the electoral register. It feels a little odd but ultimately nothing else has changed in my work/income/accounts held so I’m sure it will revert back over the next few months. One of my credit cards actually wrote to me this weekend saying they were going to increase my limit this (I’ve never felt that comfortable with this concept, feel it encourages unnecessary borrowing and in my case is pointless as I’m only using about 20% of my existing limits across various cards).