Cineworld Unlimited

I’ve been a Cineworld Unlimited Member for about 2 years now and I have always enjoyed having it. From the Discount IMAX and 4DX Screenings to the Discounted Food and Drink and Early Movie Showings.

Its £10.99 a month I am happy to spend.

Anyone else got it?

Nope. I can’t remember the last time we had a good experience at the cinema so we hardly go now.

People taking your prebooked seats, eating loudly, talking, using their phones, rustling the food they’ve brought in, kicking your chair, kids having meltdowns. There’s always something every time you go.

We have a much better experience having a “movie night” at home, where we make our own popcorn and snacks with sweets, blankets and our home theatre system etc. All for a fraction of the extortionate prices they charge for food and drink at the cinema


I used to, and yes I loved it too. I’m a big cinema fan, and having unlimited meant I could just see everything which I did for years. It was nice going out on a Tuesday evening just to see something.

I’ve moved away from a cineworld now though, and I only get to the cinema once a month or so.

You can bring your own to the cinema :grinning:

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Since when?

It’s been a while since (maybe 20/30 years?) I tried, but we got kicked out for trying to sneak our own snacks into a cinema. Lost the money on the tickets too. Never tried since.

In fact, I’m heading down to the mainland to catch Godzilla later this month, and the booking confirmation emails states:

Only food and drink purchased on the premises may be consumed in the venue.
The management have the right to refuse entry or eject any ticket holder who does not comply with these or any other terms that may apply to specific events taking place on our premises.

Food, drink and merchandise are how cinemas primarily make their money, so I’d be very surprised if any actually permit it, as opposed to staff just not actively enforcing it.

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Only certain chains I think. I know Vue do but not sure about cineworld or the odean.

I tend to go to the latest showings. Vue has a no under 18’s after 10pm generally and it’s also quite quiet then too. I never go to packed cinemas if I can avoid it.

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So. Yea. They all allow it.


Since forever at cineworld, as far as I know. Always buy a can of coke and some popcorn from the shop before going, have done this at most of their London cinemas.


Well, it’s a cineworld thread and they allow it :slight_smile:


Many moons ago my local cineworld didn’t and when vue started (they were the first I heard of allowing it) I ended up going there most of the time. Vue also carry beer you can take into the screen as well.

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Long time card holder and love it. Worth every penny. Live near 2 Cineworlds.

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also beer! Another great Cineworld card advantage, you get 25% off food and drink including at the bar. It makes for a comparatively cheap pint in London.

When I did live near one me and my ex would often go after dinner, watch a movie and then have a pint in the bar to discuss the film before walking home. It was a really nice evening for almost no cost that we’d repeat once a week.

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Do cineworld let you take in beer now?
When I went to one we each ordered a couple of beers to last the film then the ticket person said we couldn’t take alcohol into the screen so we had to down them resulting in bathroom breaks throughout.

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Yes, at least when I was there and as long as it’s in plastic cups.

They’re wrong. You’re allowed. They sell beer at the counter with popcorn!


It was many moons ago but we couldn’t believe it. At the time the cineworld had a bar seating area as well and had signs we didn’t spot.
Good to see it’s allowed as I enjoy a beer with a late night viewing.

I had one about 10 years ago. Ended up going to see a lot of shite and sometimes (often actually) dragging myself because I had the pass rather than wanting to go.

I’d rather go for a really good film now and spend big on snacks too.

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I was tempted to get the Vue limitless, but I just go with there’s something on that I want to see…. At £4.50 a ticket too, it’s very good value (cheap through YourRewards via work)

I don’t even go once a month, maybe once every 4 months or so

No - it’s actually illegal, just like in a pub, if they’re a licenced premises for people to take their own alcohol in a drink it.

They’re licenced for the consumption of alcohol sold by the premises.

I used to have a Cineworld Unlimited members when I lived near to a cinema. I broke my leg very badly and was out of work (for about 2 years in the end!) recovering and quite often I would get someone to drop me off at the cinema at 10.30am and pick me up again at 11pm and spend the day watching whatever they had on.

I ended up seeing High School Musical 3 at the cinema at around 9pm at night on one of those days and I was (shockingly) the only person in the screen watching it.

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The post was about alcohol ordered at the cinema itself.

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