Odeon Limitless

Hey. Does anybody get a discount with Odeon Limitless? I had Barclays discounts (ex-employee) which gave me Limitless for £156 but that’s been removed for some reason.

Any ideas?

Best way i think you can get a discount on Odeon Limitless is by using vouchers from Zeek

You can get 18% of the cost of vouchers, comes in about £168

If you use my referral link (Zeek) you will get £3 towards your first purchase.

I can get a discount to bring it down to £158. PM me if you’re interested.


Thread resurrection - better than starting a new thread I guess.

I want Limitless and have weighed up the costs so am confident I would go often enough / save enough money by taking Limitless at the current monthly fee of £17.99 (exc Central London).

I know nothing about Zeek, I just went on their site and there is a £15 card available at a 7% discount for £14. What am I buying? Is this one month’s subscription? Is this for an overall discount on the annual/monthly fee, and if so, how much?

NB: I’m aware the link includes Central London, but the voucher without doesn’t seem to be available.

Please help, I just want to save a few £££s and make sure I’m getting the best deal.

I am also debating whether to get limitless or not.

I don’t have the Odeon Limitless card, but I do have the Cineworld Unlimited and completely recommend it (I’ve saved £1,381 this year alone).

The Zeek offer maybe looks like a gift card that gives you £15 off the overall value.

I can get the Limitless and Unlimited cards through my work discount for £155 for the year, let me know if you’re interested :slight_smile:


I’ll speak to my lady wife this evening as £310 initial outlay is a lot for the movies, but a decent long term saving.

How quickly could you get us signed up and cards issued?

I’ll DM you for further details.

The way it works is that I purchase a gift code and then you sign up through the regular website yourself with the code - I’m pretty sure when you sign up they send an email confirmation that you can use straight away at the cinema, then card are issued within 2 weeks :slight_smile:

I’ve done it last year and this year so I know for sure that the codes work fine, if you’re worried about that.

At the standard rate of £17.99/m (excluding Central London), and with a standard admission fee at our local Odeon of £12.25 (I don’t know if it varies between locations), then we need to go 1.5 times per month to make the subscription worth it.

£17.99 x 12 = £215.88
£215.88 / £12.25 = 17.6 visits per year (or 1.5 per month)

At £155 for the year as mentioned by @nicdall , we would only need to visit 12.7 times per year or 1.1 times per month, which is easily achievable.

Whilst we go a couple of times a month now, if we could go more without any additional costs, this effectively becomes a ‘free’ date/movie night as and when you fancy it.

I’ve already done a very rough inventory of films coming out in 2019 and know I fancy watching at least 20 of them. If there are some others I would normally be on the fence about, then this would give me the option to give them a shot, without shelling out the best part of £25 for us as a couple (snacks excluded!)

You also get the benefit of preview screenings of films not yet released and 10% off concessions as well. The preview screenings are what sold it to me.

I’ve found myself seeing films I wouldn’t have even considered watching as well as being able to see movies multiple times.

DM sent

I’ve had my Cineworld Unlimited card for a few years now and it’s worth it for my partner and I. We also receive 25% of at other resturants and as we have the Premium cards (you get upgraded after 12 months) so we get 25% cinema sweets and treats.

Not sure if you get any of those perks with Odeon.

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Sounds good, and don’t think Odeon does offer those perks. The biggest perk of Odeon for me personally is that it’s a 3-5 minute walk from home :nerd_face:

Cineworld, whilst it does sound promising, would be about a 40 min drive to our closest one.

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We use Cineworld unlimited, always preferred it to odeon personally. Double check with your work as you may get it discounted.

I’ve also seen a few gyms and packaged bank accounts do similar offers so have a look about as the discount is worth it. I buy it for quite a few mates each year


Huge thanks to @nicdall for hooking us up. Me and the wifey now have Limitless at £155 each for the year.

£155/yr = £12.92/m vs the usual admission fee of £12.25 per movie, an absolute beast of a saving.

Can’t wait to use it for the first time on Tuesday :nerd_face::movie_camera::tickets:



A little late but just wondering if anyone could provide me with the discount? Does Cineworld unlimited still work with meerkat movies? If so that’s probably the more economical route! Looking for a central London discount if anyone has it!

Cheers :slight_smile:

yes you can order meerkat movie tickets when your ordering unlimited tickets on the Cineworld booking site

I also use MeerkatMovies. But £2 travel insurance on comparethemeerkat (a day travel within UK for example), and that gives you a year’s worth of buy 1 get 1 free on Tuesday and Wednesday every week. Works great with Cineworld Unlimited, since I get the ticket with my Unlimited membership, while my friend gets a free one. It’s not 100% free, you still pay 80p. You also get 25% off all popcorn/drinks etc in Cineworld.
Also if you are with Vitality Health Insurance, there give you a voucher code which can be used with Cineworld (provided you stay at their Bronze, Silver tier by exercising).
The other great thing about MeerkatMovies is you get 50% off at a lot of restaurants, mostly from Sunday till Thursday. So Cineworld Unlimited is a must have if you like cinema and eating out.

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Thanks guys, looks like I will be picking up unlimited to combine with meerkat!

Most cinemas near me are Odeons so I just pay monthly for Limitless. However, if there’s a better discount than the tenner a year they offer for buying 12 months at a time, then I’m interested. I’m a bit lost on where exactly offer these discounted 12 month passes…