Christmas 2021

Sorry but it had to be done, this weekend the majority of shops have started to put out various bits of the Christmas range. Online stores have started ramping up too.

Only 116 days to go, let the panic buying begin. So long as the Christmas music doesn’t start too early, I’ll manage to stay sane.


I’m hoping for a quiet Christmas that doesn’t involve self isolation this year.


I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Oh its not that thread yet. Sorry! Even that thread seems to be getting earlier and earlier each year :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: .


Oh no. Oh no no no no no no no no.


Really no.

(How many sleeps? How many shopping days?)


Yeah I went to me mum’s just up road so wasn’t too bad at least. My brother didn’t come round though, would of meant traveling through different areas which wasn’t really allowed back then.

If the delivery shortages keep up, I’m predicting the hunger games at the shelves and tills :sweat_smile:


116 :grimacing:


Talking to Devil :grin::imp:

I just tweeted about Christmas present :hear_no_evil::christmas_tree::see_no_evil: this morning

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That’s not a thing anymore because of t’internet

Every day is a shopping day


Fixed that for you :+1:


I wasn’t very amused by Pret decorating their stores for Christmas 2/3 weeks ago now I think? Perhaps even more…

Not in a Scrooge way (I say whilst complaining about it on an internet forum…) but I just didn’t think it was a funny joke.

Edit: how are everyone’s Christmas pots doing?


Dropped mine so they’re in pieces :scream:


Mines in a Christmas saver with a credit union, can’t withdraw from it until the 1st November. I’ve still been buying bits, I just tend to use that saver to replenish the money I’ve spent already when I can access it.

No they haven’t! :scream: I don’t believe you

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You’ve inspired me:


My Xmas pot is currently £40, so a rather large shortfall predicted…

My 1p Savings Challenge is doing great though - it shows £2.43 for today, so day 243 in the year.
Which means that 116 days to go is absolutely spot on :dart:
(:santa::christmas_tree::gift: is on day 359)

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This article doesn’t have an exact date on it but… July! Pret A Manger has released their Christmas sandwich five months early

Eek! I’ve been doing £30 a month since February for my Christmas (everyone) + partner’s bday (hers is end of Nov) pot. Thinking I might even have too much this year :crossed_fingers:


I started saving for this Christmas in May :evergreen_tree:.

No Christmas trips are planned this year as started a new job recently :man_astronaut:

Not planning to spend much anyway, so £200 budget is more than enough :grin:

Oh I had a couple of Christmas sandwiches from Pret when they were selling them a few weeks ago. Delicious.

It was a fun promotion as people began to repopulate towns and cities, as last Christmas was all but cancelled. It wasn’t Pret starting this Christmas in July.

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The adult version of Christmas is Black Friday.

Absolutely no idea how I think I’ll afford all the things that I’ve said to myself I’ll look out for, if they were to be discounted.


Reckon that might be a bit more muted this year, lack of microchips, lack of delivery drivers. It’ll be a retailers nightmare trying to discount stuff that’s in short supply and then ship it out.

Fully expect it to be all the naff old stuff no one wants that ends up as a black Friday deal.

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