Cheque imaging to deposit

Why can’t people just say: “I would really like this, I hope they add it soon” instead of all the exaggerated, dramatic nonsense that has no basis :laughing:


Because Monzo need to grow their base and they know it :upside_down_face:

You missed the beginning of the sentence, as well as the justification.

I’m glad Monzo weren’t offering this last year as I wouldn’t have opened a Starling account otherwise (for reasons I won’t go into, it’s been a godsend).

As a Monzo customer, I don’t see it as my role to support Monzo and its expansion. I use Monzo as a service as long as it is useful to me. I’m more than happy to use other banks for the services they provide that are missing from Monzo.

So, yes, I really stand by assertion that I’m glad Monzo don’t offer this.