Checking status of payment requests - what's shown?

Hello, not sure if this has been answered so apologies in advance but is there a way to see all your payment requests in one place and the status of each request (paid or not)? I have sent a few but forget to chase up after a while and there seems to be no way of reviewing.


The Payments - Shared tab seems to do what you are asking?


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I’m unsure if this screen shows requests, non-bill split requests.

Ah right, that’s a shame.

The “Shared” section of the Payments tab shows received non-Bill Split requests under the “Bill splits” heading.

NB: In my opinion, the “Bill splits” heading should be changed to “Bill splits and requests” so non-Bill Split requests make sense in the section.

The following are not currently shown in the “Shared” section of the Payments tab:

  • Non-Bill Split requests sent by you.
  • requests sent by you - Monzo haven’t built the ability to track the single-link requests generated from Bill Splits.

Ok thanks. It would certainly be useful to track all types of payment requests. Hopefully will be added soon.

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