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(Andy Budd) #1

Hi guys, first off I love what you are doing, it’s brilliant, and my experience of the card & app so far has been superb.

I do have one idea - I’d love to see a new Category option for Giving. Doing something as simple as putting it as an option could inspire so many people to think about how much they give. Just a thought.

Keep up the good work

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Charity Category 2
(Luke Guthrie) #2

What an amazing category to add! :+1:t5: in the future it would also be interesting to see if donations to charities will be available through :mondo: Mondo like with other banks!

(Andrew Ross) #3

This links back to custom categories:

Something that is certainly needed. :slight_smile:


This is a brilliant idea. It’d be great to be able to categorise donations and be able to see all the stats that go with it. +1

(Naji Esiri) #5

Great idea! And totally in keeping with our bigger goals as a bank. We’ll be reviewing categories fairly soon, this is definitely one to consider.

(Joseph Knowles) #6
  • 1 for charity category

(Danny) #7

Would be nice to have some integration with Givey. Its a social charity giving platform. Anything that encourages frequent donations is good. Maybe a rounding up to the nearest £ feature.

(Alex Sherwood) #8

This is the sort of thing that I expect Monzo will leave to Givey / 3rd party developers to set up, once they’ve launched their marketplace.

The API’s not ready yet but once it is, they’ll be able to build their own app which does the rounding & transfers the change to Givey’s charities :thumbsup:

(Patrick White) #9

This would be a cool way to not only keep track of what you give to charity if you’re a regular donator, but also to encourage people to give more to charitable causes.

It would allow people to budget for charitable donations and see what they can afford to spend on it.

It would be great if you could add this, and I think it could make a real difference!


+1 for charity category. Would be really helpful for tax!


If you do decide to add such a category, it would be a good opportunity to measure how that impacts behavior. You could also publish the total monthly donations of all Monzo users.

On a practical note, being able to find all donations can be useful when filling out tax returns.

(Naji Esiri) #12

@sjors there have also been some really cool ideas around some way to automatically donate small change rounded up from your transactions. A few community members were working on a feature like this last year at one of our hackathons last year, worth taking a look! Small change charity donations

(adam) #13

I completely agree that this category should be there for all the reasons above but also it’d be really useful to be able to isolate all charitable donations for the purposes of tax deductions on self assessment.

What does it take to get an idea like this past the finish line?

(MikeF) #14

To state the obvious, it takes Monzo agreeing with us and doing it. We can do no more than ‘suggest’ (which is the way I think it should be).

(Tom (dB)) #15

Now that I’m on the current account I’ll be switching my Direct Debits - some of which are to charities, so a mighty plus one on a Charity category from me.


I’m all for getting this Category in the Monzo app. I’ve just donated via bank to BBC CIN and I know people that donate regularly via Just Giving and monthly to other charities.

Come on Monzo team add this one into categories. It really is a no brainier.


+1 from me to a “Charity” or “Giving” category. Would really like to see that included especially now we can transfer our direct debits to Monzo



(Duncan Roberts) #18

+1 on charity category — now that the current account is no longer beta, it feels more pressing. Just moved my direct debits over, would love to have a clear view of how charity fits into overall spending. Also great for tax returns.

I’m not fussed about the rounding up to the nearest pound thing personally, I prefer a fixed amount I can budget for.

(Louis Otto) #19

Definitely, would love to have Charity as a category, and like OP mentioned; it might get more people doing it through awareness.

(Edwina Barrett) #20

Definitely think this would be a nice addition