Change the default application of category

I like to be able to set categories for my transactions. Thank you for this feature!

Most of the time, I want to set it for only one transaction, but the default selected option is “apply CATEGORY_NAME to this transaction and all new ones at PAYEE going forwards”.

So I have to press an extra button, which I often don’t manage to do whilst walking out of a shop, or getting interrupted, leaving my transaction either categorised incorrectly, or all future transactions with that particular payee categorised incorrectly because the previous default category for that payee was correct.

Amazon for example, is a place where lots of transactions occur that should be categorised differently.

I request the ability to choose the default application for the category, so people can use it the way that makes most sense to them.

Personally I think it would be more logical to have the default as “We’ll apply CATEGORY just to this transaction, but not to any future ones at PAYEE”, because this is the option that would need to be pressed most often. The other two options reduce the need for further button presses.

Either of these options would reduce friction during categorising considerably, and enable greater usage of this feature.

Thank you x

There is no default

You just pick the one that applies.

There is on my phone. My experience is obviously different from yours.

On yours it looks like you don’t have to press “done” either. Lucky you :slightly_smiling_face: