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My opinion on this is there’s hundreds of features that Monzo could be working on at the moment so I’d hope to see them working on the features that most users need, most of the time.

Monzo seems to be primarily designed as a replacement for user’s legacy bank account who do a bit of travelling, whereas Revolut seems to be made for travellers / immigrants & obviously the two groups will generally do more of one thing & less of another.

Just because another challenger (who isn’t even a direct competitor at this point IMHO) has a feature, doesn’t automatically mean that Monzo should build it. If they don’t build it, that doesn’t mean there’s a shortcoming / weakness on Monzo’s part either.

I think it’s a strength to spending your time working on what matters most, rather than chasing cars.

I doubt that Monzo worries about maintaining its reputation as a fintech either (a term most people don’t understand), as they will demonstrate their ability to innovate while building useful features. You don’t have to build every feature in order to be innovative or a fintech company.