Change art on physical flex card

Hello, I tried to search for this idea before posting, but to no avail. Sorry if it’s been requested before.

I’d like to be able to change the art/design on the flexicard, especially now that a physical version is available.
I was never too fond of the squiggly line (I realise it’s meant to represent a flexible rubber band type thing), and would love to have other pre-approved designs (thus preventing cards with a nutsack because lads lads lads) available from Monzo.

It’s a pointless cosmetic update, but I’d like to see it along with the more important stuff.

This is never going to happen.

Many threads about custom cards, this is the most popular.


Pretty sure it is the outline of the Thames River in London. At least the original was very close to that. With the physical card it was turned and squished a bit, thus it is not quite EastEnders recognisable.

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