Celebrating Living Wage Week: Monzo is now a Living Wage Employer

(Tristan Thomas) #1

(Alex Sherwood) #5

This :arrow_down: :thumbsup:


(Hugh) #6

On just over a year later (367 days), I resurrect this thread:

I assume Monzo will raise it’s wages as necessary to continue to meet this?

(Tristan Thomas) #7

We already have, in advance :slight_smile:

(Colin Robinson) #8


You might want to follow Tristan on Twitter :slight_smile:

(Hugh) #9

I do follow Tristan on Twitter :stuck_out_tongue:

I am surprised, given my recent Twitter consumption due to procrastination that I manage to miss that…

(Tristan Thomas) #10

As should everyone. I have to beat @hugo somehow…

(Colin Robinson) #11

I think I saw it this morning before leaving for work :slight_smile: