So I think this is my first post ,
Anyway I was stupid at 18 credit was free money ect , now I’m 24 have a child private rent ect I’m still paying back for my stupidity! I’ve recently ended up with a ccj now the problem I have is … im starting uni in September, and was hoping to take advantage of a fee free overdraft for the time I’m studying as I wont be working and still have a 2 year old to pay for and my rent ect … basically what I’m asking is has anyone managed to open a student account with a ccj ?

Thanks xx

Hi :wave:

I don’t know this 100% but after receiving the ccj you have 30 days to pay it off or It will stay on your record for six years and make it much more difficult for you to get credit.

You will probably have to get in contact with Monzo personally to find out how this will affect you.

Sorry, can’t be more helpful.


It’s not effecting my monzo account was just wondering if anyone managed to get a student account with a ccj

Oh for a different bank?

Not sure if I get you.

I assume that this is so you can get an interest free overdraft or some other student account perk? If so, I’d guess they’d turn you down (but I could be wrong).

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CCJ’s don’t always preclude you from credit applications. I had one in the past, and still managed to get a credit card and new phone contract, for example. One way to find out is to apply, but obviously you can’t do that until you’re in a position to start, and you’re going to be worried about doing that without knowing you have the overdraft. Tricky situation :frowning:

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A lot of people assume that they can’t have a Monzo account because of a CCJ but their advice has always been to apply and find out.

I guess the same applies here. Apply for an overdraft and see what they say :slight_smile: There are many other factors that are taken into consideration other than the two you’ve mentioned so you never know :woman_shrugging:

For the reason above it is highly unlikely that you will find someone on here in the exact financial situation as you are, so don’t take what others say as gospel. :innocent:


Yeah that’s it

From the prompts it says I’m not eligible as my credit score is too low but it doesnt give me a reason as too why on the loan I’ve just popped monzo a message and asked thanks guys.

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Ahh that’s a shame. Hopefully they can give you some feedback so that you can work on improving that aspect for the future :slight_smile:

Hoping someone would give me a break lol , my financial situation has improved, Bill’s are paid ect but going to uni I need some sort of safety next especially having a two year old lol .

Right now Monzo are being fairly conservative, so I wouldn’t bet on getting an overdraft from them with a CCJ.


If it makes you feel any better my credit score is rated as ‘Excellent’ yet Monzo won’t give me a loan.

They tell me it’s because they’re being super cautious about lending because it’s all new to them. I therefore went somewhere else and got accepted straight away.

I’d therefore say… You shouldn’t assume everyone will deny you because Monzo have :slight_smile:


Similar to me. Excellent credit score and history. I can get a £1,000 loan from Monzo, but not an overdraft :man_shrugging:

Other way round for me :rofl:

I have a £1,000 overdraft but they denied me a loan… even for a lesser amount :exploding_head:

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