Categorising Payments from Friends for Group Purchase

Hi Monzo Community,

I need to gather deposit payments from a group of 40 friends for a Dinner. I am using a bespoke monzo link to request the money as this is much simpler than sharing account details.

I want to make sure I can keep track of who has paid and ensure the money is kept separate from my usual spending.

I imagine this use case, or something similar, affects many people. Who hasn’t known the hassle of managing who has paid for a group holiday/ Hen etc?

Does anyone know of a way of automating this either in app or using IFTTT. For example, creating a rule that all payments made using the link get sent to a pot or given a special category (ie Group Holiday)? Once it is has been categorised I would want to be able to view details of the individual transfers to see which people has paid (and how much)

Does anyone know if this exists or has a recommendation to facilitate?

Thanks, Tom

For this I would recommend PayPal pools probably.

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Try Splitwise?

Thanks for the suggestions.

PayPal pools works perfectly for this job.

I think Splitwise is a useful tool for holiday purchases etc but I find the lack of payments integration frustrating. It’d be a much more powerful money management tool if it was connected to my bank…

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