Categorise transaction needs confirmation prompt

When categorising a transaction, a number of times now I have accidentally pressed the button for ‘all past and future transactions’ which just completely messes up my whole history.

It would be great to have a confirmation prompt to prevent accidentally pressing this, or even move the button to somewhere less easily accessible.

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you’ve accidentally pressed the button for ‘all past and future transactions’ and then accidentally pressed done?

edit: for me Done is confirmation enough…


For me it just does it as soon as you press the ‘all past and future transactions’ button, there’s no confirmation. I just tried again to see if it’s changed in an update but it’s still the same.

Do you use iOS?

I use Android, Monzo version v5.54.1 ,and I have to effectively confirm the change by pressing Done…

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On iOS the “DONE” comes first, then you select one of the three options without a further confirmation.

Does it make sense on iOS? I would expect to press Done when I have finished, rather than pressing Done to effectively start the process of changing the category…

I think the Android implementation is probably better. It makes sense but could be better.

You essentially choose the category:

Then press “Done” to be presented with the options:

The “question” route for iOS is:

“I want to change the category”
“What do you want to change it to?”
“I want to change it to XXX”
“How many transactions are you wanting to change?”
“XXX transactions”

I have to admit I have once pressed all past and future and shrieked as I then had to manually find the previous ones and go back and edit them so I feel the pain of the OP.

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Ah yes this looks much better on android.