Undo button for assigning default categories for a retailer

There really needs to be an “undo” button for automatic category assignment for a particular retailer. It’s all too easy to click “All transactions past and going forwards” when asked you try to change the category for a particular transaction. This would overwrite ALL previous transactions with the click of a button, and there’s no way to reverse it easily…

For example, you buy mostly food at Costco. One day you get some fuel, accidentally click (fat fingers or whatever) “All transactions past and going forwards” when you try to change the category for that transaction, and it overwrites ALL previous transactions at Costco as fuel purchases, messing up all your previous hard work!


Im curious. Where would such a button go in the app?

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Why not have it as a popup that goes away after a few seconds?


What if you realise after a few minutes?

I personally would find it annoying but I’m happy to go with the majority.

Although, I imagine the initial mistake is because you’re rushing (even if it is fat fingers) so you’re likely just to press “yes, I’m sure” on the immediate popup aren’t you?

It could be a 2nd pop up window that asks “are you sure? This can’t be undone.”

Or it could be in the app settings to “undo recent category changes”

Or it can show as a new button within that transaction until you close exit the transaction.


Or people could be less tap happy, or reap the errors of their actions :upside_down_face:

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I think that would be a super useful addition.

I;ve not fat thumbed anything yet, but highly likely to. Maybe either an Undo like Gmail has - a 10 second option that hovers on send.

Or like another suggestion, a secondary “this will do X permantly” thing.

I’ve got a few examples of retailers where I have different usages like this (e.g. a Sainsbury for Lunch Spending vs Grocery spending).

It’s the kind of error that could drastically change your budget - and either spend loads of time rectifying it, or not trusting your budget.

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