Allow selection of multiple transactions for batch editing

Please allow the ability to select multiple payments (Batch editing) so we can, for example, change the payment category e.g. eating out; add hashtags etc in one go.

Currently, we have to edit each transaction individually.

At first glance, I thought this was a duplicate post of your other one;

But it isn’t and would actually allow even more flexibility. Voted :+1:

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Hey, David. :slight_smile:
Yes, not a duplicate (as you noticed). I’m in Bordeaux and wanted to add the hashtag “BordeauxSpending” (so I could see how much spending money I’d used excluding flights, AirBnB etc) to multiple transactions quickly, which is where swiping would have also been good, hence my other post…two ways to do the same thing, I’ll admit, but I think they would each be useful in their own separate ways.

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