Catalogue/database of tech

I was thinking* about how much tech stuff we all seem to have round the house, what with phones and tablets and e-readers and cameras and gaming machines and who knows what else, particularly those with families, and realised that I don’t have a proper way of recording the details (make, model, serial nos and whatnot), should something happen.

How does everyone else deal with this (if at all)? Do you just have a spreadsheet, or do you have specialist cataloguing software you use?

*I was actually checking my home insurance cover was sufficient, such is the high level of fun being had on a very gloomy, windy and rainy Saturday afternoon…

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I use immobilise.

I have a google doc with this info. There’s not enough to warrant me building an app for it.

Maybe if you want “tables” and lookups etc you could try Airtable?