CASS Switching Stats - Data from Q4 2019

This is looking good.

We had 22,841 inbound CASS that quarter, and just 1,265 outbound.
So of the inbounds we got, we only lost roughly 5.5% of those same people.

In terms of total net gains, only Nationwide beat us on volume, with an inbound of 40,652 and an outbound of 15,207 for a total of 25,355 net gains. But they still lost roughly 37% of the people they gained, and I am assuming the large volume of inbound might be due to a switching bonus? Which we don’t offer :thinking:


Great news!!

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Not bad! You must be doing something right :wink:

great news indeed :slight_smile:And in fact we should also compare these stats with the number of existang accounts too as it is important to see who is adding the most in terms of percentage of their existings clients :slight_smile:
I bet we add a bigger figure when compared to our existing accounts :slight_smile:

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Are Monzo taking part in this now? February 2020?

Not sure! @SamanthaD might know more about that :grinning:

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How about the ratio of salaries? Is it still 30%?

Yes, that’s still accurate since Tom mentioned it. Of course, customer volume has grown since then so the volume is higher overall. We’d like to get that figure higher, and all of our primary goals in 2020 will feed into that.


So you have well over 1m salaries now?

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