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So I’ve recently been on the Monzo Careers website, and looked at working as customer service for Monzo! However, as I’m in Manchester and Monzo is based in the capital, I don’t think I could get a job with my new favourite bank anytime soon! :cry:

I was wondering if anyone knew if there’d be plans to either open offices in the north, or create job opertunities for ‘work from home’ customer service that isn’t just part time?


Pretty sure you can work from anywhere? Sure most of the out of hours are based abroad? Could be wrong.

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Out of hours is in the UK I think, I saw something on Instagram a few weeks about about late shifts etc.


Ah okay, I thought they were abroad but visited the office to work (and whilst there did the Instagram takeover).

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Yeah I think out of hours are 4am-9am as well as some evening shifts, but they all seem to be part time! The thing is I’d give up my full time job now for a full time job at Monzo, but I couldn’t do it for part time…

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At the moment most of our daytime customer support team are based out of our London office, but the overnight crew are pretty distributed. We’d consider remote daytime people, provided you were able to commit to spending a few weeks’ training time in our HQ :blush:

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