Card not working

Not sure why my card is not accepted overseas ?

Hi @wongvoishim I’m sorry to hear about this! What country are you in, and how many times has it not been accepted?

Are you getting any decline notices in the app? Please reach out through in our-app chat, and we can take a closer look at your account to see what’s wrong.

Hong kong, then Japan, korea
The shop machine declined the card in payment

not enough ACCOUnt balance, How can i top up

It’s a bank account. Transfer money into it from another bank account like you would any other.


How do you top up your other back accounts?

Money is a good start…


If you open the app and click on Account, then click on Add Money it describes all the ways you can add money to your account.

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Best. Thread. Ever.


Wait… So your account balance is too low and you’re asking why it wouldn’t work? You already answered your own question. :blush:

Monzo is a current account and your card is a debit card, not a credit card, so it won’t work unless you actually have the funds required in the account. Transfer some from another account, as others have suggested!


You could have omitted the last word, or changed it to “anywhere”.