Study abroad

So I am hoping to go study abroad for a year in Japan from next year. What is my situation with monzo? Am I going to have to close my account or can I keep on using it?

You can keep on using it. You might have to pay if you need a replacement card.

It would be a good idea to get an account from a Japanese bank if you expect to receive Japanese funds.

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Yeah I will be making a Japanese bank account however, I would still prefer to use monzo over there

you may have already read this about others experiences with Japanese acceptance

Oh I am aware, I have been to Japan on two different occasions and I am familiar with the places that do and do not accept monzo.
My only worry was if my account would get cancelled or blocked if I go abroad for an entire year.

There are no terms and conditions that state you can’t do this so it is unlikely.

Perhaps drop Monzo a message with some dates that you’re going and returning so you don’t trigger fraud checks or anything and this should give you peace of mind too.

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