Card declined at Car Park payment machine in Basingstoke

(Russell Macdonald) #1

Just got my card yesterday and have used it successfully both online and in a number of retail stores (contactless and chip and pin) without any issues.
Got declined twice at a car park payment machine at Festival Place in Basingstoke today though. I believe the parking is run by the local council.

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(Liam Gladdy) #2

A lot of car park machines are “offline” - meaning the actual authorisation is done later, which Mondo can’t support for obvious reasons (you could get into a negative balance)

It’s in the known issues list already: Known issues / bugs 🐛🐜🐞

(Stuart Cameron) #3

I’ve used mine a number of times at car parks, the latest being today!

(Rob Clarke) #4

You must be picking good car parks then! :joy:
I suspect a lot of the bigger multistories have theirs hooked up to support online transactions, but a small council run car park probably doesn’t. I seem to keep picking car parks that don’t even accept cards, and end up digging for change!

(Adam Hockley) #5

I am from Basingstoke and no Festival Place car park is private propiety and isnt run by local conciol. inless you mean the Mals*

(Terry) #6

I had this too in my local car park. Hopefully it will be fixed once Mondo is a bank :slight_smile:

(James Billingham) #7

Mondo does support offline payments. It just prefers online where possible. As such, your balance can go negative.