Card Availability Geo-limited, don't hold your breath!

I don’t have any special information on this so this is just a guess but I’d be surprised if it’s this year.

We know that Monzo are testing Euro & US Dollar accounts at the moment & Tom seems to have his eye on the US.

But the launch of the current accounts is taking up a lot of the team’s time at the moment and the take up of the overdrafts will probably be key because that’s the first product that will earn Monzo revenue & should enable them to break even. I expect that has to go pretty well before proper expansion can begin.

Here was the last comment on international expansion from the Monzo team -

Tom has just done an interview with the FinTech Insiders podcast, which is due out later this week, though so perhaps we’ll find out more about their plans then.

I’ll post that here in the community of course :eyes:

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