Card arrived

(Kelvin Williams) #1

After flying up the queue recently I topped out yesterday, did my initial fund, and the card has arrived today. Very efficient and in time for my trip to France next week.

(Adam Hockley) #2

enjoy let us know if any issues

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #3

I did have one issue when using Mondo abroad where I was paying a hotel bill of more than 2000€ this had to be done in more than one transaction as the limit on Mondo was / is £1000 / transaction - so I had to put it through in 3 transactions one after another - as I didn’t know they had a limit - something to bear in mind - great exchange rate though

(Andrew Ross) #4

@cepenpark let me know how it goes in France. Hoping to take my card there at the end of month.