My Mondo arrived yesterday

My Mondo arrived yesterday,

It couldn’t have turned up at a better time. Myself and my girlfriend are just about to travel to Thailand/Abu Dhabi for 16 nights. As you can imagine someone wanted to do some shopping, the card worked perfect every time and the updates on the app were pretty much instant. Being able to track the amount spent in each shop along with overall spend is a simple yet very effective feature.

Another massive plus which I didn’t know about when I signed up was being able to use my card abroad without any fees. As someone who travels fairly often this is a feature no main stream bank (that i’m aware of) can offer. I noticed that there is work ongoing re an in app update when you arrive in a foreign country. Massive plus if this is available any time soon.

I have had no issues to report, I wouldn’t have expected a service this good from a company who have not being going that long. A credit to the hard work of the staff.

So 2 days in, would i recommend Mondo? The simple answer is yes, I already have.