Capital One Credit Card

No, you get 30 days interest free. Pay it off by then and there’s no charge. Can take 2 or 3 days to process card payments in app so just pay as early as possible

You’ll only get high APR if your high risk.

Best card I’ve ever had is barclaycard

I’ve got one too with 36.6% APR as well but I would highly recommend to shop around especially if you’re a low risk customer.

I am now with MBNA with 8.9% APR and I couldn’t be happier.

What do you like about it compared to other credit cards?

Highest limit, No nonsense visa, best online system. Just no nonsense or gimmicks.

Always offers showing for 0%

I like Barclaycard because of transfer money/balance offers.
But my main credit card is with Tesco… 5%APR

I have a capital one card same as other high interest rate of 30.34% and been stuck on a £200 credit limit even tho just got another card with a lower apr and a £1,000 credit limit

It doesnt matter what the APR is if you pay it off each month. It depends on what your plans are for the use of the card.

I’m not keen on Capital One’s foreign based customer service. I had a CASS failure a couple of months ago and trying to explain to them why a Direct Debit failed was a total nightmare. It would have been a massive help if I had of been speaking to someone that was British or had experience of the British banking industry. I just kept getting hit with “Mr Brian, you’ve cancelled your payment” etc…

Im going to close my two cards with them at the earliest opportunity

I’m going to close one of my cards but keep the other for emergencies so I have one on Visa and one on Mastercard

Im gonna keep mine for emergencies aswell

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Just makes sense to have at least one card on each payment network just in case the other goes down at any time

Yh i know what you mean and if i get caught short will be handy to have

Capital One is a good basic card, not the best rates if you don’t pay off the balance, but an app that works, customer service is helpful, and they don’t hassle you if you have a problem, they are flexible, which is probably why they do so well.

I closed my Capital One card because they didn’t support Apple Pay. I recommend Barclaycard as an alternative.

I liked them in the US, where they offer some good products. Their cards here are terrible though. Why bother?

I can say, at least in the US, their customer service is good. But again, the cards here are totally pointless - with no benefits at all.

I’d just like the credit card version of monzo, surely someone must have seen the gap in the market for a mobile phone based cc account…

Do tell if you know?

Jaja looks very promising. Please consider using my referral link if you decide to sign up for the waitlist.

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Discussion here: JAJA Discussion & Feedback

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Done… :slight_smile:

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:+1:t2: 0.5% Cashback, paid monthly
:+1:t2: No foreign transaction fees and you get Mastercard exchange ratecwhich is slightly better than Visa
:+1:t2: Instant notifications for expenditure
:+1:t2: Almost instant notifications for payments to the card, about 10 seconds after you do the bank transfer

:-1:t2: The app is a bit basic, and it is difficult to save the online statements, you have to email them to yourself, whereas with apps from other banks, I can save them to my Synology drive, or to Dropbox etc
:-1:t2: No Apple Pay support
:-1:t2: Credit limit tends to be lower than for other cards

Yeah, I did know about tandem and did apply but got a knock back :weary: for some reason unknown to me as my credit score and affordability scores are banging hot… So that combined with the poor app made me decide to not try again…