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Has anyone heard anything about the soon to be released JAJA Credit Card? I’ve never heard of this company until seeing the ad on Facebook.

They seem to have raised 7 million already and are looking at getting investment from the public.

This credit card looks to be a competitor to Tandem.

I’ve signed up on the waiting list,If you want to sign up, you can use my link

Recommend me a *modern* credit card
Jaja - Credit Card
Referral Wiki: Post/Find Here
Capital One Credit Card
(Sean) #2

Looks interesting, might want to add your referral into the wiki:


I actually pre-registered to invest through seedrs a few days ago.

(Graham - Mental health professional) #4

Me too. Now let’s see…

(#savetheseabass) #5



Can I ask why you want to invest? I can’t see anything in their offering that’s particularly exciting?

(Andy Hughes) #7

Sounds interesting. I’ve been looking for a more modern credit card and this looks like it should be better than tandem :ok_hand:


Yeah, I’m trying to make sense of the UVP of this business.


I don’t get why I’d want this credit card, can’t work out the selling point of it :thinking:

(John) #10

Apart from the shiny/holographic looking card … I don’t see the appeal! My Barclaycard credit card does all I want at the moment :slight_smile:

(MikeF) #11

The biggest turn off is the name (for me) but it’s hard to see what the distinction is other than the notifications etc. My credit card use is quite low at the moment, though, so I’m probably not the target audience.


My Spanish friends write Jaja instead of haha in online messaging. I won’t be able to take this seriously :joy:



A friendly chat based interface that allows you to simply scan your driving license …

No thanks.

Life is social and mobile. it´s your credit, share it with the people you care about.

I’m not exactly sure what this means? Do I get the option to share on Facebook when I buy a sofa with credit…?


I think you can add family/friends to your account and share your available credit with them going by the videos

(Kevyn) #17

Me never heard disa credit card company before disa thread. Me would besa wary of usen Facenbooken links to find mula products. Other members seem to suggesten daysa legit, me just no usen a credit card often enough to needen monzo liken features.


Looks interesting. In particular

  • Uses VISA - so nice counterpart to using Monzo (Mastercard).
  • Real-time notifications & spending analytics
  • No FX Fees
  • Ability to freeze/unfreeze card

None of my existing credit cards have this combination of features.

But what I’d really like to see in a next generation credit card business is a sustainable model that’s not dependent on the financially naive wracking up massive bills and effectively subsidizing the financially savvy, who are generally financially better off. I wonder if JaJa are any better in this area than existing credit card providers?

(Herp Derp) #19

I can’t see what the APR is etc?


18.9% across the board


I can’t see the USP I’m afraid. Everything above is already offered by the Tandem lower-tier card. No cashback or 0% period make this a tough sell for me.