Capital One Credit Card

(TWM) #21

I’d just like the credit card version of monzo, surely someone must have seen the gap in the market for a mobile phone based cc account…

Do tell if you know?


Jaja looks very promising. Please consider using my referral link if you decide to sign up for the waitlist.

Joining the waiting list will earn you £10 cashback on selected online brands, subject to successful onboarding when the app goes live. Using my referral link will bump me up the waiting list.

Discussion here: JAJA Discussion & Feedback

(TWM) #23

Done… :slight_smile:

(Katrina) #24


:+1:t2: 0.5% Cashback, paid monthly
:+1:t2: No foreign transaction fees and you get Mastercard exchange ratecwhich is slightly better than Visa
:+1:t2: Instant notifications for expenditure
:+1:t2: Almost instant notifications for payments to the card, about 10 seconds after you do the bank transfer

:-1:t2: The app is a bit basic, and it is difficult to save the online statements, you have to email them to yourself, whereas with apps from other banks, I can save them to my Synology drive, or to Dropbox etc
:-1:t2: No Apple Pay support
:-1:t2: Credit limit tends to be lower than for other cards

(TWM) #25

Yeah, I did know about tandem and did apply but got a knock back :weary: for some reason unknown to me as my credit score and affordability scores are banging hot… So that combined with the poor app made me decide to not try again…