Can't seem to make new pots on Android?

Switched from iPhone to Android this week and used to be able to make regular pots easily. Now, when I click to make a pot, it only shows the easy access and ISAs, no regular pots.

I’ve sent a message to support but they’ve yet to get back. I’m in the test group on the old layout if that helps.


On the new layout there are two buttons, Create a Pot and Earn interest on your money, and the latter will go to that screen whereas the former allows regular pot creation. So perhaps on the old layout there’s another button or link or something elsewhere. Sorry that’s not much help!

Can’t seem to find anything, I’ve only got the option to save some money in relation to pots but thanks for the suggestion!

try a delete and reinstall?

Didn’t help, still only got the proper saving account options.