Can't add a custom expense in a share tab

I can’t add a custom expense in a share tab.
Details to reproduce:
Payments -> Shared -> Shared tab -> select the tab
Expected result: It can add a custom expense.

What happens: I see a blank page.

More details: the person with which I share the tab can’t pay.
galaxy s8
App Version:

Found a workaround.
After I reinstall the app I could see again the tab, but only a single time. If I open the tab for the second time I see only an empty page like in screen capture.
So what I did:

  1. reinstall the app
  2. pay the tab
  3. close the tab
  4. create an other tab.

You can pay the tab(step 2) only one time. If you open the tab for second time you will not be able to see/pay.

I suspect this bug is because in that tab I have many entries and the app has some hardcoded value which doesn’t allow me to have more entry.

Suggestion: put a warning sign when you reach that limit and don’t allow to add above the limit.