Add Multiple Items to Shared Tab

Adding multiple items to a shared tab adds the total amount for every entry, thus incorrectly hugely over-adding cost to the tab.

Details to reproduce:
Add multiple items to an existing Shared Tab in one go

Android - version 14

Pixel 6

App Version:

I’ve redacted names and photos (would be useful to be able to anonymise in-app this for ease of people uploading screenshots)


I have just experienced this bug too. On Google pixel 7.

me too. pretty bonkers that this made it into production. Monzo devs, there should 100% be automated testing coverage for this.

Hey everyone, thanks for sharing this!

This has been fixed for all new items, so when adding multiple items to a shared tab it should now calculate the proper amount.

For all past items to be reflected accurately, you’ll need to:

  1. Find all the items that had been calculated incorrectly. This would be all items which were added by selecting multiple transactions. Like in the screenshots above, typically you can spot them by identifying multiple transactions with the same amount larger.
  2. Delete each incorrect item
  3. Re-add the items

Once you’re done, the amount each person owes will be corrected - even if they had already settled the tab.

We’re sorry about this issue, and re currently working out what next steps we need to take with all impacted customers.

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