Can you add a 'nights out' category, then stop me spending money on them? 😂🙈

Title says it all…


We almost need like a limit for an evening we can pre-set and once we hit it the card bounces unless it’s say Uber or TFL :see_no_evil:


Would absolutely up vote this if I could

Sounds a good idea - but in practice, that’ll leave you with an unpaid bar bill and possibly no way of settling it… Perhaps just an “Alert when spending in category/at merchants reaches XXX in a XX day period” (ideal for me for Steam sales - let me know when I’ve spent £100 in a 30 day period so I know to stop - those games add up without noticing)


I think aside from the spending limit, a category for ‘drinking’ or something along those lines rather than ‘entertainment’ or ‘eating out’ would be great.

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Can do what google used to do (or still does??) and make you do math problems after 2am or something :stuck_out_tongue:

if you want that last tequila, then what is 10 + 5 * 3 / 3 = ?

** you can only comment on this suggestion if you know the answer (BODMAS for the win) :wink:

i see what you did there :smiley:

The ability to add a number of user-defined categories would be great. For example, on my Excel spreadsheet to record my income/expenditure I have various categories that are currently not available within the Mondo app e.g. charity.

Heavily backing the ability to add custom categories (with a nice icon set to let you pick an appropriate icon too of course)


I really like the idea of being able to set daily, weekly or monthly limits for individual merchants. :blush::+1: