Can I spend Euros from my Monzo account?


Hi i am French and living in France could i transfer euros from my french bank account to a Monzo account because i need it to pay for things on internet in euros here

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fairly sure you can only transfer GBP into Monzo accounts :slight_smile:

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And you need to be in the Uk to open a Monzo account


Monzo is currently a UK GBP account only and you need to be within the UK to open one. International transfers are not currently active on Monzo right now. They will soon be though.

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You would need to use a money transfer service like Transferwise.

But as @Rat_au_van said, you need a UK address to get a Monzo account.


If you are looking for a fintech bank to use in France check out bunq for a great app with some cool functionality or Monese with their award winning customer service.


I second this referral. Bunq offer a lot that even Monzo could learn from and I wish they offered a product in GBP for the UK as I would probably use them as my main bank account.


N26 are also in France but as mentioned above Bunq would be my recommendation as well. Despite their fee, I think they are miles ahead of other mobile banks.

Revolut is another option not mentioned above.

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N26 makes far more sense to me. Paying a fee for banking? No thanks!


A little misleading, I have 5 fully working bunq IBAN current accounts and don’t pay a fee at all for banking with bunq. Yes to use a card you need to pay a fee, but that wasn’t what was stated. Also many people pay for banking in both the U.K. and abroad. I’m not saying I’m right, N26 could genuinely be better as I’ve never used it, but it looks like the option was just dismissed out of hand.


Weird. The post marked as a solution, does not actually answer the question!

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Yes, I did dismiss Bunq out of hand. I consider having a card an essential feature of a bank, and any bank that will charge for a basic account with the minimum essential features is a non-starter to me.

N26, obviously I haven’t used either, but it definitely looks like the best of a (compared to Monzo) bad lot.


Even an answer about Bunq is not a 'solution as the question relates to what Monzo can or can’t do rather than what other banks can. Providing info about other accounts is informative, but should not be marked as a solution.

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It was probably marked as a solution by a random user or original poster by accident. I’ve removed it now.

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