Can I sign up in Japan yet?

Can I sign up in Japan yet? It seems Monzo is not available in Japan despite many net users stating it is. I tried creating an account - I am in Japan - but informed unavailable in Japan :frowning:

Monzo is for UK/US residents only.


ok… thanks.

I’m curious where you are reading that Monzo is available in Japan?


You may be reading that the cards work in Japan, not that you can set up an account if you live in Japan.


yes… that seems to be the situation.


Revolut is or was available for Japan residents. please check if that one helps you.

Thank you but it seems michaelw90 is correct. Yes, the cards work in Japan but I cannot set up an account in Japan. I am a resident of Japan but could not sign up. I will be returning to UK shortly so will try again in future.


You’re only eligible if you’re permanent resident of the UK, not visiting.

Revolut would otherwise be suitable as I believe they launched in Japan.

Thank you. I am a Brit currently working in Japan. Revolut seems to be an option :+1:

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We are visiting Japan in 10 days. Can i use my Monzo card there. I want yo put my holiday money on it but dont want to if i cant use the card around the country


Thank you kindly for the information about Monzo and Japan.

Thank you. Thats very disappointing though

However some people are saying you can use the mozo card in Japan, you just cant set up a new card, so i guess ill tske it, pop a small amount on it & try when i get there. I can then transfer more money onto it if it works!

It works anywhere that accepts MasterCard (except TUI lol) but you need to not think of it as putting money on a card. You’re depositing it in a bank account.

OK.thanks a lot x