Can I deposit using an ATM?


My grandaughter opened a Monzo account. She has not activated it yet. Where or what ATM can she deposit money into it. Thanks in advance

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I can’t say I have heard of any ATMs that will allow you to deposit money into a Monzo bank account. You can use PayPoint machines in some stores to deposit cash into the account, and if worst comes to the worst you can deposit the money yourself into your account, and bank transfer the amount over.

I may be wrong though, and someone might know of an ATM that does allow Monzo depositing…

Nope, you’re right - PayPoint is currently the only way.

Monzo are (edit: allegedly) in talks with Post Office to allow cash deposits, though.

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Here’s a blog post showing how cash deposits work :slight_smile:

She will have a sort code and account number listed in the app so you can do a transfer from any other bank account and it’ll arrive in the account within moments.

Caspar, Her mother has been unable to transfer from South Africa and has to utilise an agent.

Ahh I see - well, whoever her agent is who wants to deposit via ATM should be able to do a bank transfer from any bank account? That’s the only way unfortunately. To deposit with PayPoint they would need the physical card.

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