Can Bites Be Non Itchy/Painful?

Got a tiny, painless red area on my hand and wondering whether it could be from a bite ? I did visit the Zoo recently where there were lots of insects/bugs etc so hoping that’s all it is.

Obviously if it doesn’t go away in a week or so i’ll get it checked.


Can you shoot webs from your wrist yet?

(but yes, if it’s still there in a day or two go get it looked at).


Sounds like you got fleas :eyes:

Could be ringworm if you went to the zoo

I dunno I’m not a Dr :joy_cat:

Probably a midge after the nice weather last week. Stick some sudocrem on if it gets itchy and is annoying you and I’m reasonably confident you’ll live


Should be fine. Get some savlon on it (antiseptic cream) just incase.
I have first aid qualifications dw :ok_hand:


Savlon - why? To avoid sepsis? Don’t think so.
I will never understand why people use it.
We all react to bites in different ways - generally speaking to a pharmacist is best option.
I’m a FAW instructor.

so until a pharmacy is open, what do you suggest?

If he was going to see a doctor in a week it’s a good thing to use until then. We always use it in the Red Cross with minor bites like that.

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Too many questions to ask to ensure any advice would be correct.
FYI - all large towns have a pharmacy open until midnight.

I’d disagree using Savlon for a week. I could understand a topical cream such as antisan but not savlon.
Using this cream is old practice that went out in the 1990s.
Like I said pharmacist is the best person.

I agree with getting the pharmacy help but since it’s late maybe do it tomorrow.
Savlon basically stops any infection and I’ve seen it to be very effective but we could argue about it all night :joy:

Let’s just agree to disagree and hope his bite goes.


:joy::joy: that is the funniest thing I have read recently on here.
Don’t just take my word for it

No mention of savlon!

Ahhh look you COULD find some advice. :wink:

It’s about as general as it gets and covers lots of various outcomes!

Don’t know it’s a bite, could be a skin irritation caused by a chemical. Savlon is very harsh and no point using unless skin is broken

I used to love watching ER if that make me look like a credible source


If it develops rings like a dartboard then definitely get it checked out by a doctor as could result in Lyme disease from a tick bite

(Unlikely, but not unheard of in the UK these days)