Monzo oauth2 authentication not working

I’m creating an android application (using Java in android studio). My app should redirect to the monzo authentication server where I enter my email and press submit. Then I should receive an email with a link which when pressed takes me to the monzo app to authenticate. Once that’s done, I should be redirected back to my application. For some reason, when I enter my email and press submit nothing happens at all. Does anyone know why?

Below is my code (client ID has been changed for security purposes) and attached is an image of what happens when I run the app :

String clientID = "xxx";
String redirectURI = "";
String state = "state_token";
String redMonzo = "" + clientID + "&redirect_uri=" + redirectURI + "&response_type=code&state=" + state;
Uri uri = Uri.parse(redMonzo);
Intent intent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW, uri);

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I’m having the same problem now, remember having this problem before and it having been discussed in this forum. I can’t find the posts I had in mind but found this which seems to be similar. Acquiring Access Token Issue

Problem seems to be quite random.

@mdaabis, did you ever get it sorted?