Call for Pet Pictures

Have you picked out insurance for him yet Carlo?

If not, unless you’d rather self insure, I’d strongly suggest looking into one that bundles FirstVet. Game changing. Especially for weekends when it’s out of hours charges at the vets. They can diagnose things and prevent vet visits more often than not, and give you sound guidance on how to treat things at home. They’d be perfect for a situation like this.

I’d personally be very cautious with a cold in a kitten though. Especially if he’s not starting to improving after 3 or 4 days.

Hope he makes a fully recovery and grows into a perfectly healthy kitten soon. But I must say his health has me very concerned about the breeder you got him from, and the welfare of their kittens. :frowning:

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I’ve not got him insured just yet as he’s not had a the snip, might be wrong but I’m sure it’s more expensive :neutral_face:

He’s playful, and eyes and nose not so runny, and is eating now I’ve been putting creamy dreamy over his biscuits (guessing he cant smell them very well).

Gonna grab him some wet food and see if that works better.

Going the vets Friday if not much improvement.

My sister has a kitten from the same person, a sibling; who seems to be doing ok, so maybe I’m just paranoid.

As for the place we got him, I was warned ahead of time; it’s surprisingly someone who works the same place as me (not my team) so I will likely need to inform my manager first to prevent any backlash within the workplace.

At least he’s in better hands now.


Not sure if it would make a difference in price for a very young kitten, because you wouldn’t expect them to spayed/neutered right away.

If it did though, naturally I’d expect premiums to lower once he was done.

Glad to hear he seems to be on the mend though! :heart:

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So, he was fine this morning, then he had his biscuits and now has a blocked nose.

I’m gonna pick up some grain free food and see if that changes for him.

Could definitely be a food allergy, our dog can’t eat chicken or he breaks out with dry skin and itchy feet/eyes/ears.


He just had some more biscuits and started sneezing so they’re in the bin.

I’ve gotta go past pets at home so will grab some James beloved. Think it’s turkey and rice but grain free.


This is one of my girls, her name is Beezus!


Another trip to the vets as no improvement.

£114 for 6 tablets, more eye cream stuff, and syringe medicine.

It’s cat flu. He’s also losing weight, which is not good at all, but we gotta give him a fighting chance.

Picked up some meat in gravy which he happily gulped down, so probably need to bulk him up on wet food and merge him to biscuits later.

Dread to think what would have happened if he was still at the house I rescued from :disappointed:


You’re doing your best by him. I hope he makes a full recovery. :heart:


I wish I’d not asked the vet to do the first tablet, as I will need to be up at ~4 every day (every 12 hours) to dose him up :sweat_smile:

He did say I could move it back an hour or two slowly but what’s the point, he needs his go go juice.

On the plus, he is very active and playful, and has been all the week I’ve had him.

Flat out now though.


I hope he recovers soon.


Milo hopes the little kitten gets better soon!



He’s eating a lot better, probably ate more from 4pm til now than he has this last week.

Also managed to put creamy over his tablet (full form) and he ate it.

Eye drops - make him a burrito in a blanket, also much easier.


With all these problems he’s lucky to have ended up with someone who cares @Carlo1460!


Yeah I’m happy he’s got a safe home and someone willing to help him.