Calculator when making payments and Bill Splitting

When sending payments, Dutch bank Bunq has basic calculator functionality which allows simple calculations to be performed.

Here’s a video of the calculator in action:

I think an inbuilt calculator would be really useful for sending payments and calculating Bill Splits since it would reduce the need to switch between the Monzo app and a calculator app when figuring out values.

NB: to save space when using the calculator in Bill Splits, the calculation could appear in a bar just above the operator symbols instead of above the result of the calculation.

What’s wrong with the old fashioned way?

I love this feature on bunq. What I don’t like is that they don’t show your balance as you’re doing the calculation!

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If you mean switching between apps, having a built-in calculator would make the process of calculating payments or splits much easier and be a nicer UX.

Old fashioned = fingers :v: and thumbs :+1:

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Could be difficult to calculate something like 38.53/5*2 quickly and accurately in your head. Also, some people don’t have the best mental arithmetic.

Much quicker, easier and safer to use an inbuilt calculator.

I just meant in your head, but take the point.

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