Where to buy speaker clips?

managed to lose one of them for my Sony surround sound and need a new one.
Any idea what they are called and where to buy them? Thanks

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Try amazon.co.uk , they have everything. Not sure what they are called but with a few search attempts I’m sure you’ll narrow it down :smiley:


Are these the right things? I seem to remember an ex had a Sony sound system and it used some weird cables I’d never seen on other systems.

Good luck getting them. My dad lost all of his speaker clips. I tried to replace them with a set from eBay and they didn’t fit by a mm and a stupid notch in the end. Clearly Sony just being difficult. I’m in the process of filing them down…

was it a sony " dav " by any chance ?

Same as this?

£30 no chance lol
I found the one i needed for a £5er off ebay :slight_smile:

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thanks anyway mate :smiley:

I can’t remember the exact model as I ordered the cables before Christmas but I think it was a soundmaster. Hopefully you’ll get lucky. I don’t normally do the non banking threads on Monzo but thought it was a funny coincidence.