Buying a new computer

Looking for a new computer for browsing web and playing music.
Budget is £500 max
No refurb

Any thoughts on " Mesh Computers " ?

There are a few ways.

  1. Most modern PC’s have an image of Windows built in and that can be accessed with one of function buttons on start up (even if your current install of Windows is broken)

  2. You can download Windows 10 onto a USB stick from the Microsoft website and boot from that.

You shouldn’t need a key in either case though. Windows is tied to a hardware token of your PC so it won’t ask for a product key unless your hardware has change significantly (usually stuff like motherboard and CPU)


Cool thanks Gareth :sunglasses:

Where do you recommend the best place for a new/refurbished desktop with Windows 10?
No gaming just browsing forums thanks

Something like this looks ideal…

Have a look in Argos. If you want it just for forums and things then you can get an ASUS version of a chrome book for about £150

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Thanks dude.

Had a look at their desktops and they look good. Suppose it’s best to pay a bit extra and get one which is brand new!

Might as well since you’ll get a warranty on it

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My wife really recommends Chromebooks. She was given one by her work and swears by it. They’re great for light tasks.

I’m a desktop sort of guy though. I don’t get on with laptops and tablets

You’re best off building your own with a budget that tight.

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Get a Chromebox. That’s the desktop equivalent of a Chromebook.

You honestly won’t get very far for £250 for Windows and I think you’ll get frustrated quickly with performance. ChromeOS runs at least twice as smooth as Windows on this level of hardware in my experience.


That looks pretty cool ill have a look at that :blush:

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Depending on what you want to do on it off course. ChromeOS does lots of things now but not everything.

Truth is once you’ve got a desktop you end up downloading a load of random stuff that needs more power

Use Ubuntu and save yourself the pennies

I’ve just dissolved my Pixelbook pot and stuck it in my pension - decided I don’t really need one!

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They’re much under rated.

I was given a £180-£200 Acer Chromebook by work. Apart from the poor screen (I’m used to Macs) it was a great little machine.

I was so impressed with it that I went out and bought a Google Chromebook Pixel. Amazing machine. I love it.

Before people jump in and say they can’t use one because of [blah], they’re not going to replace the devices of power users. But, for most people wanting a computer, they’ll do virtually all they’ll need.

I totally agree with this. I also have a chomebox. If you outgrow it you can always replace it with Linux.

But you’ll be fine with chrome.

Need hardware to run Ubuntu. What hardware? Chromebox is possible contender.


What about Mesh Computers guys ?
They have some low end ones for like £400

Nvidia Geforce Now beta is signing up for to play decent games on lower end hardware. It’s free for now, not sure when they’ll start charging. I can play games on medium/low settings on my laptop, but prefer to use Geforce Now so the fans stay quiet. Requires a good internet connection though.

These 2 i’ve shortlisted from Novatech
Some of them don’t come with a DVD drive, why is this ?

So they can reduce the size and weight, and increase the battery life, would be my guess.

Oh. And reduce the cost.