Pixelbook now available for £699

Google just knocked £300 off the price of a Pixelbook :grinning: Very tempted at that price!

This deal is apparently only available between now and the 26th Nov.


That price for an i5 and 8GB of RAM is not bad at all!


Early black friday?!

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Hmmmm…that’s a bit of a pain. I’ve pre-ordered the slate for dev work and as a media consumption device. This makes cancelling and just getting a pixelbook tempting :neutral_face:

Ooooo. Tempting.

Thanks for always being the tempting devil.

I’m quite interested in one of these but why? What benefit does it give me over a £250 Chromebook? It’s still Chrome OS so certain restrictions apply.


Build quality is nuts on this thing - I bought (and returned) one wa few months after launch, it’s an amazing device but you’re right… It’s so limited :grimacing: That’s partially because I expect too much of Chrome OS but also because 8GB ram doesn’t feel like much for Chrome :see_no_evil: especially as a heavier user - YMMV.

This this was a dream to type on as well, I might consider picking on up again now that the price has dropped but I get the feeling ill still be limited by what I can do :see_no_evil:

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And that kinda answers my question. Beautiful but limited.

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Right now? Build quality and additional RAM, I guess.

There’s some indication that in the future you may be able to dual boot with Win 10. If that’s the case - that’d be perfect. I’d use Chrome OS almost all the time and if I needed to run something on Win, I’d keep a very minimal Win 10 dual boot with probably just 2 or 3 things.


Really want this, but I’ve only had my Asus C302 for just over 2 months - so I’m not sure if I can justify going for it :sweat_smile: