Buying a car

Though you need to consider the added security which you’d expect from a dealer. That extra few hundred quid would include a warranty of sorts - a degree of comeback.

A private purchase might effectively be regarded as “sold as seen”. Not a good idea, if you have a choice.


I doubt it will be a few hundred though. Unless it’s an old banger.

Seems like something that needs to be thought about and researched then. Theres a car dealer round here but on auto trader it has very mixed review

You get warranties etc with some dealerships, and they accept cards … and I would definitely go that route I think.
I do have family members which are knowledgeable with cars so sure I’d be fine.

Thanks guys

I love the comments here showing a lot of people have had the privilege of not buying at the bottom of the market. (I bought all my cars like this either old or my current one as is from a dealer needing to shift a high mileage trade in)

Take someone to look at the car who knows what they are doing, if the seller doesn’t want you to look under it or drive it first walk away.

Look at a few cars before deciding.

Don’t buy anything without it’s paperwork is in check and get a HPI before making a offer on a car you want.

Anything wrong on the HPI don’t buy.

Check the car has had regular oil changes and checking the MOT history on will show you if the owner has kept it in a good condition.

Enjoy your bargain car, if you wish to pay cash your going to have to make daily ATM trips for a few days.
Bank transfer is better for private sales but don’t pay until you have them there about to give you the keys and the V5C new keeper slip.

Everything’s your risk but the scare comments here are just showing how snobby some people are.


I can also use my legacy bank and go in branch and withdraw the full amount as far as I know

It is :rofl:

I’ve paid cash for a couple of cars, although I imagine it’s less common now. At least you have a record of a transaction taking place if you do it via bank transfer.

Sounds like there has been plenty of good advice here. I like to start the car from cold if possible, as a warm engine can hide a few problems.

Wouldn’t dream of paying cash, I don’t use psychical cash in any part of my life anymore

Snobby? Not sure who was snobby.

The car trade is known for its issues on accuracy and honesty.

I’ve bought cars for a few hundred pounds - sold as seen and I’ve bought brand new as well as leased.

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Go on, Dave. There’s a gag there somewhere. :grinning:

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Other than the fat fingers :thinking:

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Lots of the dealers on auto trader have awful reviews.
I’m not allowed to drive yet so have plenty of time to do my research

Must be an element of risk whether private or dealerships. When I do come to get a car I’ll take a family member who knows what to look for

Buying anything is a risk. Even more so with a car.

And at the lower end, you’re entering bigger risk and potentially bigger on-going expense.

You’ve said before you don’t need a car, unless circumstances have changed and now you do instead of just wanting one, the costs of running a car are high, so if you can get away without having one, I would recommend doing that!


Saved up a fair bit, and it will help me if I ever do get a job next year. Also for my own independence.

Already have a license so no need to resit a test

A car is certainly good for both of these situations but unless you need one and/or are prepared to potentially spend double or triple of the cost on repairs then it may not be a great purchase at the lower end of the market. I bought a Kia for £900 and spent at least £2k on repairs in the one year of ownership. All bits that wouldn’t have been obvious unless you had it thoroughly inspected in a garage (adding another £100 or so probably). Would’ve been easier to scrap it and start again, honestly.

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And sometimes there’s nothing to inspect. Things just go wrong. I spent £1700 on my car last month, about 1/3 of it’s value on something completely unforeseen.

Cars are an expensive habit.


I thought you said they wouldn’t renew your license because the other month you were diagnosed as still being a risk with your Schizophrenia?

Not a risk. I have my pink card and now I have to declare my condition to the dvla , they then contact my psychiatrist and then I get a decision.

Basically as long as the psychiatrist says your ok and you have been well for 3 months then it’s all ok

Times like this where the daily £2,000 withdrawal limit on N26 accounts would have been useful. :sweat_smile:

I don’t have much to add, @Venomx, other than to repeat the advice others have already given you. Pay on credit card if you can, if the seller can accept it. Always get a written receipt for cash, preferably via email. Take someone you trust with you, preferably someone who knows cars, or better yet, a mechanic if you know one. Dealerships are no more trustworthy than joe bloggs in my experience.

Good luck!

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That’s what I meant. You said that you were reviewed the other month and it was diagnosed as still being bad. I forgot what the actual terminology was but you were shown links that the DVLA won’t allow you to have a licence in this case.

I’d do this first and foremost before considering a car. Without a licence you can’t drive and driving with undeclared medical conditions is just as bad.