Should I use a credit card for my holiday?

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Here’s our alternative holiday checklist for anyone covering the cost of an upcoming trip with their credit card.


This article, whilst informative, feels like it’s missing the one major piece of advice most people would suggest…

Always pay for your holiday by credit card when possible, and simply pay it off straight away.

I can’t think of any downsides to this (assuming there are no fees for booking with credit card, which there shouldn’t now) and there are only up sides.

Just my 2 cent anyway :grinning:

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It might be worth pointing out that Section 75 protection might not apply if you use an intermediary service, like Curve.


I only ever pay for holidays on credit card, but then I only ever use a credit card with a long interest free period. My previous credit card, 28 months interest free. I’ve had two Caribbean holidays off of that, not paid a penny in interest, i.e. an interest free loan. And whilst credit card companies continue to offer cards with long interest free periods, people like me will continue to take advantage of the interest free purchasing. I will be using my Amex card in the US, for my car hire payment, but it will be paid off as soon as the statement comes in as it isn’t an interest free card for purchasing. I never leave home without a credit card anyway.


Weird, how they’re are all these reasons to have a credit card, yet Monzo don’t offer them :thinking: